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Marble is a crystalline, compact variety of metamorphosed lime- stone, consisting primarily of calcite( CaCO3 ), dolomite( CaMg (CO3) 2), or a combination of both minerals. Pure calcite is white, but mineral impurities add color in variegated patterns. Marble can be successfully used for low traffic in-house applications like vanities, fireplaces or walls. It is favourable stone for its beautyand design but it is softer than granite and challenging for breaking, acids and liquid absorption.
Amarillo Mares
Lhasa Venato
Bottocino Fioritto
Breccia Feneccia
Breccia Feneccia (block 2)
Diano Reale (block 1)
Diano Reale (block 2)
Fossil Brown
Mistic Brown
Rain Forest Green Exotic
Silver Wave
White Crystal